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In Haus Press is a modern brand of letterpress printed stationery located in San Francisco, USA. 

Treasa Ewing is a self taught letterpress printer, who started In Haus Press in 2010 with nothing more than an old tabletop printing press and the idea of designing stationery that would inspire people to send more handwritten notes to each other.

"Slow printing", her hand-fed printing process, emphasizes manual printing on antique printing presses. It involves setting the type by hand, feeding each piece of paper into the press, rolling the cylinder over the type, and cutting everything down to size one at a time. 

Everything is designed, printed, photographed and packaged in-house, in her tiny San Francisco apartment, thus the name: In Haus Press.

Origin San Francisco, USA
Size 3.5 x 8.25cm
110# soft white cotton paper and ink, perfect for addressing those stylish winter weather gifts.