Partystudio was created through the difficulty to find unusual and out of the ordinary products for children’s parties. After hours of eating cake and looking for something unique they are desperate to share their discoveries with the world.

Partystudio was founded by Emily and Helen:

Emily makes the best cakes and cookies, and throws amazing children's parties. Raised in Geneva she trained in communication and marketing in Lausanne, moved six times in six years and has now finally stopped in Zurich. She has two lovely daughters and a cute baby boy and makes the most of every moment.

Helen designs quirky animals and great pictures to decorate her kid's rooms. When she ran out of wall space she turned her attention to designing invites and other cards. Trained in Graphic Design at Saint Martins in London, working and living there for many years until the big change to Zurich, and to Ticino. Running after three children keeps her very busy and in need of a little escapism she now turns her creativity into the second half of Partystudio.