Let me tell you how I feel about themed parties. 

It might sound cheesy and stupid, but it is not. I love that my kids come up with theme! It makes everything so much easier!!! Yes it does!!

I'll give you real exemple. My baby is turning one. The sisters wanted him to have a theme and they picked the panda as it is cute they say... 

cool. I have a theme. Now WHAT IS A PANDA PARTY?!? 

I start by thinking about colors. Then I look at my products and I start putting them together. 

If you have a theme, it is then easy because you have a guide line.


For this panda party it was black, white, and green. 

Partyware: easy I picked some plates, cups, straws. Then some decorations like balloons etc. 

For the buffet, the colors give me ideas: grape, green apple, oreos, marshmallow... you see? Try to think in colors, it helps! We have a great board on Pinterest about food & colors that you can check here.

Because it is a baby we won't have games, but usually it is easy to create games around...

Then the crafting part! My favourite! I made some paper garland (explanation to follow) and I found in my party closet some fake bambou leaves, green vases etc... (my tip: go when it's the sale and you can find cool products for example in Depot, Interio, Migros or Ikea at good price for your deco!)

I can't wait to show you all the pictures!


Oh I almost forgot, wanna know what the girls chose as themes.....?

A for her 9th birthday: "Pimp my summer" and M for her 7th: "A chakras party".

yeah... I know... me neither



July 07, 2016 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER
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