So my daughter asked for a Pimp my Summer party. I had clearly no clue what to do and she said she wanted neon colors... 

Here are some pics of the DIY pieces I've made for her party! 

For the background: 
I bought a huge canvas (120x120) at Jumbo and some neon spray paint (also bought in Jumbo). Be sure to buy plastic sheets to protect everything around!
As the circle wasn't as neat as expected I've cut it and used patafix on my white board (thin wooden square I've cut in Coop Bau & Hobby - 120x120cm).


You will need a plate, a candle holder, a hot gluegun, spray paint. 
Start by gluing the plate and the candle holder together and then spray paint the rest! Be careful, it won't be food safe! I put some white paper (cut in a circle) to put the food on.


punch circles in neon paper and sew together! I've used the packaging of the invites, and some great paper I've found at Hema

I bought few months ago in Interio some very cool neon wrapping paper. I unrolled them and simply used regular tape until we couldn't see the table anymore! et voilà!


Cake topper:
I've punched circles in the rest of my neon paper, and taped them in wire strings (usually used for flowers). Easy and cute!



January 12, 2017 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER