here is a quick and easy decoration I've made for Halloween! 

I've used: 

4 pumpkins ; some spider web (here) ; a little skeleton head ; 1 food jar (from ikea) ; 1 old pharmacy jar ; 1 glass cloche for scented candle ; 2 giant spiders, giant spiders (bought a long time ago in a toy store); and a black curtain as a table cloth. 

For the brain jar, I've used a food jar and a plastic brain. With the water, the brain looks bigger! And to give the formol look, I added a little bit of white sirup (here anis). 

I used patafix to fix the big spider coming down the wall. 

In the old pharmacy jar, I made quickly some rayés with marzipan leftovers (basically a little ball of marzipan in which I've added an edible eye from Wilton. )

 Have fun!




October 31, 2016 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER