Hey there, 

In Zurich we still have 2 more weeks to go before the summer holidays! 

I've made these little gardens for the teachers with my daughters. Here is how and where!


I've used:
- A printable for the tags and toppers (here)
- some toothpicks
- Little glasses that I've used as a pot for the plant (because so much cuter no??) (here for the medium size and here for the small ones)
- Little plants (I've bought mine in Jumbo)
- Little cardboard boxes (Jumbo or any craft store)
- Seeds (Jumbo again)
- Little enveloppes (here)
- Cards (here)
- Paper, glue and scissors

And then, well just print the printable, cut the flowers, glue them onto a toothpick. Transplant the succulents into the nice little glasses, put some seeds in the enveloppes, write a lovely note for the teacher, and BAM! Done!

Easy no?;-)



July 04, 2017 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER