It's no secret, I love crafting seasonal wreath!

Here is what you need to create one for March: 

Some green paper, scissors, a glue gun, a wooden wreath (wood....), rainbow paper, a shamrock punch.


Step 1: Cut shamrock in green papers (here is an exemple to help you with the shape). And cut also some smaller one with the punch. You can also buy a little pack of paper shamrock here


Step 2: Cut little confettis or heart in rainbow colors. I used some leftover of a rainbow garlands

Step 3: Glue all the shamrocks on the wreath with the glue gun. Mix the different shade of green and shapes for a better look. 


Step 4: Add the rainbow touch on the side!

And it's done!

Happy Saint-Patrick!

March 15, 2016 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER