Part 2. About over-the-top-birthday-parties.

Ok. Maybe you are a pinterest/instagram addict and you see all those beautiful pictures about kids parties.
And may (the worst) you have an idea of a theme, and you GOOGLE IT.... no no no!!
Too late. 

Then you saw
You saw the stunning setting, you saw the clowns, ponies and (not or) magician.
You saw the Mom (beautiful, smiling and with her hair done). You saw the kids in matching outfits.
You saw the cake... well the cake...
You saw all the games and entertainements (as if the parents were all raised in a gymboree center and naturally find/create/imagine games and props!!!).
You saw the dessert table. You realise there is also a professional photographer to catch theses moments...

And then you panic (or cry, or both) because you know that you won't be able to do so. 

Let me tell you, it is not about being able, it is about what do you want for you and your kids? This makes a huge difference. Huge. 

First you want to survive.
Second you want to have fun (yes you too!)
Third, memories that last are maybe not the one we think they would....

When I close my eyes and I remember my own parties as a child, i can feel the taste of the homemade chocolate cake my mom covered in smarties. I remember catching little presents in the bathtub, or painting on t-shirt. I remember the joy of hanging balloons on the gate...

And you?

So don't panic, you can do it. And we have beautiful product in the shop to help you with the decor!



June 15, 2016 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER
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