Gifts for the teachers

Hey there, 

In Zurich we still have 2 more weeks to go before the summer holidays! 

I've made these little gardens for the teachers with my daughters. Here is how and where!


I've used:
- A printable for the tags and toppers (here)
- some toothpicks
- Little glasses that I've used as a pot for the plant (because so much cuter no??) (here for the medium size and here for the small ones)
- Little plants (I've bought mine in Jumbo)
- Little cardboard boxes (Jumbo or any craft store)
- Seeds (Jumbo again)
- Little enveloppes (here)
- Cards (here)
- Paper, glue and scissors

And then, well just print the printable, cut the flowers, glue them onto a toothpick. Transplant the succulents into the nice little glasses, put some seeds in the enveloppes, write a lovely note for the teacher, and BAM! Done!

Easy no?;-)



July 04, 2017 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER

Neon Party - crafting


So my daughter asked for a Pimp my Summer party. I had clearly no clue what to do and she said she wanted neon colors... 

Here are some pics of the DIY pieces I've made for her party! 

For the background: 
I bought a huge canvas (120x120) at Jumbo and some neon spray paint (also bought in Jumbo). Be sure to buy plastic sheets to protect everything around!
As the circle wasn't as neat as expected I've cut it and used patafix on my white board (thin wooden square I've cut in Coop Bau & Hobby - 120x120cm).


You will need a plate, a candle holder, a hot gluegun, spray paint. 
Start by gluing the plate and the candle holder together and then spray paint the rest! Be careful, it won't be food safe! I put some white paper (cut in a circle) to put the food on.


punch circles in neon paper and sew together! I've used the packaging of the invites, and some great paper I've found at Hema

I bought few months ago in Interio some very cool neon wrapping paper. I unrolled them and simply used regular tape until we couldn't see the table anymore! et voilà!


Cake topper:
I've punched circles in the rest of my neon paper, and taped them in wire strings (usually used for flowers). Easy and cute!



January 12, 2017 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER

Neon birthday party


I need to show you the pictures of my daughter's 9th birthday party. keywords were: neon colors, dots, and beads!








January 10, 2017 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER

FABULOUS FIVE_ Halloween products to make your table a success

Take a look at the top five products that can make your table as spooky as can be:


December 05, 2016 by Helen Martelli
Tags: Halloween

Halloween deco


here is a quick and easy decoration I've made for Halloween! 

I've used: 

4 pumpkins ; some spider web (here) ; a little skeleton head ; 1 food jar (from ikea) ; 1 old pharmacy jar ; 1 glass cloche for scented candle ; 2 giant spiders, giant spiders (bought a long time ago in a toy store); and a black curtain as a table cloth. 

For the brain jar, I've used a food jar and a plastic brain. With the water, the brain looks bigger! And to give the formol look, I added a little bit of white sirup (here anis). 

I used patafix to fix the big spider coming down the wall. 

In the old pharmacy jar, I made quickly some rayés with marzipan leftovers (basically a little ball of marzipan in which I've added an edible eye from Wilton. )

 Have fun!




October 31, 2016 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER

Halloween party

These are the pics of my halloween party from last year! It was, easy and fun, and the kids loved it!

Hope you will find some inspirations!!


The Menu:
- As a beverage, Fresh blood with ice ( red sirup and frozen ants in ice cube)
- Giant's fingers (white sausages + almond) on Deer heart ( beetroot)
- Old marshmallows (green and brown food coloring in a plastic bag and marshmallows, shake to obtain the color you want)


 For the decoration of the table, I used:

- Jars and vases,
- Candles
- A black curtain from IKEA as a tablecloth
- Some spider web (here)
- A mix between my dishes and some disposable (plates, napkins, plastic spiders and straws)

Just buy some ugly candies such as snake, eyes etc... and put them in a jar with red sirup...
I also fullfilled a jar with red berries and added some white little pumpkins!


October 19, 2016 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER

Panda party - crafting

Crafting for a party is my favorite part! I can't help it, I love it!!

So for the panda party, I decided to craft: garlands (here, here and here), and door decorations. 

You will need:
- Scissors
- Glue, tape and patafix
- Green, ,black and white paper (80g is enough, 120 is perfect!)
- Eventually white gommette (those small round stickers) (you can buy them in Coop, Migros or any paper shop)

First, fold the sheet in two. You can draw the leaf or cut directly if you feel like it. Don't forget that nature is perfect because it is not perfect! 
Cut different shapes and sizes. 
You can use the rest of the paper to cut smaller bamboo leaves. Then glue/tape them on a paper band (1cm wide).

I cut first the ears, two eyes, a nose and the mouth. Place the white gommette in the eyes.  

Assembly all together on your door:
Firts go with the leaves. The big one behind and the little one on the top. Try to organize colors and sizes. I used patafix to fix everything as it is so easy to remove!
For the panda, place the eyes first, then ears and nose+mouth. 

Tadam! You are done! cute no?


September 02, 2016 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER
Tags: Decor DIY panda

Black felt garland

I love garland and I always love making them for the parties!

Here are the step by step for the easiest and cutest garland.

You will need: 
- A thread & a needle
- Some felt pompom (I bought mine in Jumbo, but you can find them here or here)

Cut a long thread and place as many pompon you want on the thread. Leave a little bit empty at the end and at the beginning so you can tape the garland. You just space the felt balls according to your taste et voilà!


Easy, cheap and cute!










I created this one for my son's first birthday: a panda party! 

Have fun, 



August 25, 2016 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER
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Panda Party!

Finally I uploaded all the pictures from the Panda Party!

My daughters picked the them for their brother and I immediately fell in love with it!

It is simple, graphic, fresh I hope you will like it too!!









August 23, 2016 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER

Party 3 - Themed parties

Let me tell you how I feel about themed parties. 

It might sound cheesy and stupid, but it is not. I love that my kids come up with theme! It makes everything so much easier!!! Yes it does!!

I'll give you real exemple. My baby is turning one. The sisters wanted him to have a theme and they picked the panda as it is cute they say... 

cool. I have a theme. Now WHAT IS A PANDA PARTY?!? 

I start by thinking about colors. Then I look at my products and I start putting them together. 

If you have a theme, it is then easy because you have a guide line.


For this panda party it was black, white, and green. 

Partyware: easy I picked some plates, cups, straws. Then some decorations like balloons etc. 

For the buffet, the colors give me ideas: grape, green apple, oreos, marshmallow... you see? Try to think in colors, it helps! We have a great board on Pinterest about food & colors that you can check here.

Because it is a baby we won't have games, but usually it is easy to create games around...

Then the crafting part! My favourite! I made some paper garland (explanation to follow) and I found in my party closet some fake bambou leaves, green vases etc... (my tip: go when it's the sale and you can find cool products for example in Depot, Interio, Migros or Ikea at good price for your deco!)

I can't wait to show you all the pictures!


Oh I almost forgot, wanna know what the girls chose as themes.....?

A for her 9th birthday: "Pimp my summer" and M for her 7th: "A chakras party".

yeah... I know... me neither



July 07, 2016 by Emily MICHEL-ODIER
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